Since 2010 the All American Furniture Expo has been committed to bringing American-made furniture to retail stores around the country. We believe the quality and construction of American-made furniture is unmatched, and strive to make this furniture more available to buyers and consumers. In 2016 we filled our venue at the Lancaster Convention center to capacity with over 80 hardwood and upholstered wholesale furniture manufacturers, leading us to make the decision to expand. On August 2-3, 2017 we will hold our show at the Utz Arena at the York Expo Center, almost doubling the show in size. We are extremely excited about this move and the benefits it will bring to buyers attending the show. 

The All American Furniture Expo isn't the only resource we provide to retail stores! Check out some of our other ventures below. 

Lancaster County Wholesale Mall- Our Wholesale Mall features over 90 manufacturers of American-made gifts, crafts, home decor, and furniture. Your one stop shop for all your gift and craft needs! Open year round, Monday-Friday!

Lancaster County Wholesale Mall

All American Wholesalers- Our online trade show featuring manufacturers of strictly American-made products. Featured manufacturers of outdoor, furniture, and gift/craft products are given a personalized profile page showcasing their products online like never before! Browse manufacturers and contact them directly for more information!

All American Wholesalers