Showrooms Still Playing Important Role in Retail

Submitted by nate on Tue, 01/30/2018 - 15:27

One of the biggest topics of conversation in the furniture industry over the last few years has been the rise of online retailers. As websites like Amazon and Wayfair continue to grow it is easy to come to the conclusion that the increasingly powerful millennials are doing the majority of their furniture shopping online, but recent studies are suggesting otherwise. 

Millennials currently make up 29% of the United States population and pack some serious buying power, expected to make up 30% of retail purchases by 2020 (Accenture). While millennials are spending a large percentage of their shopping experience online, many of them are turning to brick and mortar stores to make their larger purchases. According to a Blueport Commerce study in September 2017 50% of millennials do their shopping in-store, but they don't begin there. Online research plays a large role in their shopping habits, and they demand a seamless online to in-store experience to facilitate their shopping habits. It has become increasingly important for retailers to not only have an attractive showroom, but also a "Web Room," or online showroom to connect shoppers with their store online. 

As the buying habits of retail furniture customers evolve is your "Web Room" and "Showroom" ready to accommodate them? Below you will find links to some web developers we have worked with in the Lancaster who would be more than willing to answer your questions or bring your website to the next level. As far as stocking and reorganizing your showroom, we can help with that! the 2018 All American Furniture Expo on August 15th and 16th will be full of beautiful North American-made furniture for any setting. Prepare your company for the new age of furniture buyers!

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