How to Cut A log Lengthwise Using A Chainsaw

Either you are constructing a bench or building a fence post, there are ways you can cut a large log lengthwise using a chainsaw and in this guide, we will highlight the steps on how to achieve this. Although, you don’t need many tools to work with but can manage to cut through when you’re using the right chainsaw with several wedges to make firewood.

For a beginner this may be difficult to handle at first, hereby you are cutting the wrong way and making a mess of the logs available but with this guide and constant practice using the correct chainsaw; you will acquire relative experience and be able to cut as many logs as possible into the shape you want with no challenges.

However, working with the chain saw is very deadly; that is, the more you cut through woods, the more you go in search of more woods to cut and might sometimes cut yourself if the safety precautions are not adhered to strictly. However, you can wear protective clothing such as protective gear, and glasses before cutting any wood.

How to Cut A log Lengthwise Using A Chainsaw

What Do You Need?

To ensure a nice end product of your wood there are several methods you’ll need to consider and they are:

1.    You will need a strong chainsaw with long blades to cut through nicely.  However, when working on logs, slightly raise them off the ground as you want to avoid cutting through the soil.

2.    To avoid any messy shape, cut through vertically and avoid cutting through an angle.

3.    Use the tip of the straight shallow groove along the line you want to cut

4.    You need to get the relative amount of fuel that will be enough for you throughout the process and it’s better you purchase it before you start cutting with your chainsaw to avoid mechanical problems.

5.    Safety is very important in this work; therefore it is important to have the right safety gear which will prevent damage to any part of your body. However, with this safety gear, you also need to operate the machine safely and follow all the precautions such as:

•    Using ear muffs to protect the ear from loud noise from the chainsaw

•    Protective clothing such as gloves, overalls, boots, etc.

•    You can also have someone around to keep you company in case of emergencies.

Now we’re ready to cut through our log but strictly follow these steps:

Step One

Build a 4×4 wood post on the ground and make sure it is upright.  This will help control your chainsaw. Afterward, construct a stand that will clamp your chainsaw. To cut through your wood, place it close to the post and direct the chainsaw straight down through the markings. For safety, you can add support to the log to prevent it from tipping over.

Step Two

Put your bolt on the log dog in a certain way (it must be completely crust-free at this point, especially for beginners.) tick each end of your bolt with a plane that marks the scabbard and cross-section. Then use ink to mark the edge of the log that you will cut. From the angle of the projected hanging rope, thick lines or ink lines (broken chalk) make a bolt in the corner at the other end of the bolt. This is the line where you directly cut. Afterward, remove the screw by removing the circle plate from the screw.

Step Three

Be prepared to cut “hook cant”. Now you have to find out what you want from the hook installed because as it can only function properly with large wood. If you want any shape, you need to know what size you must (pay attention to “cutouts”). Don’t try to cut something thinner than 30mm, it’s just not feasible. After you make a choice of shape and size which you have marked on the board, till you cut out your desired plank

Step Four

Before the cutting begins you must have the biggest saw you can get with a minimum of approximately 1 meter that is the longer the chainsaw, the more effective it will be. You have to be able to keep this machine in front of you with your hand fully extended with the trunk and the chainsaw functioning, if you can’t, that means you are not strong enough to do this job safely or effectively.

However, if you are a climber or you perform different endurance workouts like me, you should be able to put one hand aside and complete this easily. This work requires strength, endurance, and good eye coordination.

Start the saw at the end of the cant hook which is between the kerf lines that you have previously broken. This should now extend the length of the wood and the edge of the hook that is hanging that you’re about to cut. However, some like to stand and cut towards marking on the log, while others start cutting to the end. (The latter may be more accurate, but it is far riskier).

Step Five

At this stage, you are now ready to mill several logs, but there is one very important moment that many, even some individuals with relative experience forget. Do not leave the logs with each other until they are cut, but put them at both ends with a little relish attached to wood, and then clean it.

How to Cut A log Lengthwise Using A Chainsaw 1

Finally, with the steps above, you can successfully cut through a log with a chainsaw; however, make sure you follow every instruction especially safety measures. So whether on a farm where there are a lot of trees, you can cut all the way and may wood into different shapes and store them up to be used.

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