Top 5 American Made Chainsaw Brands

With so many different types and brands of chainsaws available on the market, it can easily become overwhelming when you are looking for good, American made one.  While it is often said that the absolute best brand of chainsaw for a specific job is going to be the one that is able to get the job done, it actually really comes down to the amount of power it has, how heavy it is, and how easily it can be used by the user, as well as safety features.  On top of that, it will need to be affordable to the potential buyer.

So you decided that you in need of a chainsaw, however, you have no idea on where to begin looking for one.  Some of the very first things that may pop into your mind are which brands of American chainsaws are the best?  Which brands of chainsaws are available to me?  Am I going to need to know anything before going out and buying one?

Before you can find which of the American chainsaw brands is going to be best for your individual needs, you must first know exactly why American chainsaws are better.

Why An American Made Chainsaw?

American chainsaws are very sought after, as all tools that are made in America are known for their extra high innovation and quality.  In fact, when you do buy a chainsaw that was made in America, you are not only purchasing a quality and dependable tool, but you are also supporting the American economy, as well as supporting American jobs.

Here is a list of all the chainsaw brands and models that are still being built in American factories.


American Made Chainsaw Brand

One of the few chainsaws that are manufactured in America, Husqvarna chainsaws are tough, built to last, and have the power that you require to get the job done quickly.  With several different models to choose from, when you select Husqvarna, you know that you are getting quality.

Some of their chainsaw models include the 235 and 235e, the 240 and 240e, 435, 440 and 440e, 445, 450e, 455 and 455e, and the 460.

All of these chainsaw models produced by the brand Husqvarna are made in America.


Husqvarna chainsaw brand

Another one of the great American chainsaw brands, these chainsaws are perfect for just about any job you can think of.  While the Jonsered models of chainsaws are not going to necessarily be the cheapest chainsaw options available, they are going to be one of the best options available to you.  The Jonsered line of chainsaws was designed to do one thing, be the perfect chainsaw, and they are pretty close to that.

The Jonsered chainsaws that are made in America include the CS2166, the CS2234, the CS2238, CS2240, and the CS2255.

As with all of the chainsaws listed in this article, these too are an American made chainsaw brand.

Poulan Pro

Poulan Pro chainsaw brand

The Poulan Pro brand of chainsaws is perfect for any project no matter how big or small.  With enough power to cut through the biggest of tree stumps, they are also light enough for easy maneuverability, as well as easy transport.  Priced similarly to many of the other American made brands of chainsaws, when it comes to Poulan Pro chainsaws, you know exactly what you are getting, a high quality cutting machine.

The Poulan Pro chainsaws models include the PP3516AVX, PP3816A and PP3816AV, the PP4218A, PP4218AV and PP4218AVT, the PP4818A, and the PP5020AV.

Keep in mind that the different series of chainsaws will come with different features and safety; they will all be able to do the job.


Poulan chainsaw brand

While technically it is not a different brand than the Poulan Pro, the Poulan series of chainsaws is a completely different set and can easily be considered a separate brand if you wanted to do that. They have some best chainsaws just under $200, so it is cheaper than Husky.

Anyways, with that being said, here are the different models of Poulan brand chainsaws.  The Poulan chainsaws include the P3314 and P3314WSA, P3416, P3816, P4018 and P4018WT.

While these are not as serious as the Poulan Pro series, they are perfect for jobs around the house such as clearing brush, removing branches and limbs, and anything else that needs to be done.


McCulloch chainsaw brand

While the McCulloch brand of chainsaws does not necessarily have as many options to choose from, it is still one of the better made in America chainsaw brands.  Think of McCulloch chainsaws as ‘quality over quantity’, when it comes to their line of chainsaws.

The McCulloch series of chainsaws include the CS340, CS380, and the MC4218AV.

These are the top 5 American made chainsaw brands that are available on the market today.  Now keep in mind that while these chainsaws are all manufactured in America, the parts that are used to build them are from both foreign and domestic suppliers.  If you would like to learn more information about this, you can check with the manufacturer of the chainsaw.

One last thing, no matter what type of chainsaw that you are using, be sure that you are always practicing safe chainsaw techniques, and are wearing all of the required personal protective equipment.  This way you will be less likely to have any type of chainsaw accident.  Remember, safety first!

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